What is Coaching

Coaching - First Steps


We will typically start with an Alignment Session – or Strategy session. This can range from a few hours to a full day, where we will get to grips with the basics of your business. We will get clear on your direction of travel, and what you want from your business.

Its important for us to have a starting point, a line in the sand. Not only does this allow us to be aligned on the reality of the current situation, but it also allows us to look back and see how far we have come as we go through our coaching relationship.

Coaching – What to expect in a coaching session


Most of my coaching sessions run for 1- 1.5hours. We will take time to review what’s gone well since we last met. We will get really clear on what we want from the current session – and what good looks like, then we will discuss and agree next steps and what actions need to be taken to move us forward.

For both group and 1-2-1 clients, sessions run at a pre-agreed time, usually fortnightly. This is space for you to do some serious thinking and work on your business. Sessions are run on Zoom.

Coaching – How will we know what to focus on?


Once we complete your alignment session, we will have a blueprint of where you want to take the business. We will then work back on what the key drivers are to help you get there. Typically, these will fall into once of the following categories:

Sales and Marketing…Customers must find you – and you need to find them AND be easy to buy from. I will share with you lots of strategies and best practice to optimise your performance in this area.

Team Building and Recruitment…. getting the right people on the bus and keeping them there. I’ll show you how to attract, retain and motivate your team.

Systems in Your Business…. business is run on systems, and people run the systems. We will work on this to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Customer Service…. Do you delight your customers…? every time? Is it consistent…how do you monitor this? We will ensure this is the case.

Time…. how well do you manage both your time and that of your team? Often with business owners this is a barrier for them. I’ll work with you to show you how to manage this more effectively – providing the time to work on your business.

Coaching – What is the time commitment?


There are several packages to suit you. It really depends on quickly you want to see results. Weekly 1-2-1 sessions would be 6 hours per month coaching, fortnightly 1-2-1’s would be c 2-3hours. Over and above this you will get much better results if you have time devoted to business development.

As a guide I would recommend around 4 hours per week. This is something for you to consider….an if you think you don’t have the time…then you are probably like pretty much every client that comes on board – often this is where we start!

What should I expect from coaching?


I choose my clients and my clients choose me. Its important to me that my clients have the right attitude and drive – there is nothing worse as a coach when you want someone’s success more than they do!

I want to work with people who have determination to get better, they know their business and themselves can do more. If this sounds like you, we probably will be a good fit.

With this kind of approach, you will see positive change, you will start to take more of the right actions. You will have greater clarity on where you are going, and crucially what steps to take to get there. You will have a better idea of the numbers in your business, and a better hold on how you manage your time.

You will also have support and challenge from me when needed. Most of all you will have accountability and focus. Clients often tell me this is what helps them most in coaching.

What about the ActionCOACH Community?

We have an active community in ACtionCOACH…and you can choose to be as big or as small a part of it as feels comfortable. We have an annual conference for our clients called BizX where we have industry leading speakers to share their expertise with clients. In 2021, speakers include Lord Sugar, Marcus Sheridan, Jeffery Gitomer, Paul McKenna to name a very few!

Our ActionCOACH cleints often get to know each other well, and in many instances do business with each other. The Business owners share a common drive and determination…. I can tell you now …it’s a positive place to be!

About Yvonne

A bit of background….


When people ask this – I usually reply by saying my background is fizzy drinks and chocolate – and that’s the truth!

I spent 14 years at Coca Cola, in a number of sales and account management roles, which I loved and had the benefit of learning lots from a blue-chip company as well as managing lots of different teams. Three kids later, I was looking for a more flexible role…and one of those came up with Cadbury!

I worked with Cadbury for several years, in National Account roles, and laterally heading up eCommerce for Grocers, working with such giants as Asda, Tesco and Amazon, managing P&L’s of around £40m.

While I loved working with big brands (and my kids especially loved the chocolate element!), my work often meant I was in London 2-3 days each week (pre COVID obviously). With a young family at home in Glasgow, I felt it was not something I wanted to sustain and wanted to prioritise my family balance. Therefore, I decided to take a step away from corporate and invested in an Action COACH license. I could see from the outset the quality of coaching and support available, that for me, I could not see anywhere else in the coaching market.

I live in Glasgow, but my coaching spans the length and breadth of the country courtesy to the wonders of Zoom! My passion lies in seeing businesses grow and thrive – at the end of the day – I only get a good result if my client does!

Why do I coach?



In business, I have always led large and diverse teams. I have managed mutli million-pound accounts and grown businesses along the way. When it all boils down, this is all down to the development of the people. Businesses are run on systems, people run the systems.

Its only through the development of people that businesses can grow. This is what I love to do – help people to optimise their performance, that of their team and in turn the business performance.

I first got a taste of running a business when I took over a family business for a while in Glasgow. It made me realise how much goes into running a business and how many hats you must wear. From Finance, to Sales, to Marketing, Manager, Leader and beyond.

Its my ambition to help as many businesses as possible thrive and succeed, allowing people the financial freedom to choose what they want to do, and also the time to do it in.

What qualifies you to be my coach?


Good question…and one you should ask. I will not be the right ‘fit’ for everyone, and not every client will be right for me. As I mentioned before, I choose my clients and my clients choose me. We need to know we can work together, our coaching relationship will be an honest one, so its important to me to ensure I can see that from the outset.

I think there are over 200,000 coaches in the UK! Its an unregulated field, so anyone could call themselves a coach! I am a qualified business coach, having been certified with the Worlds No.1 Coaching Firm. I am a franchise partner of ActionCOACH, so I have my own coaching practise, as well as being supported by a global structure. This means that you have the benefit of not only my experience, but all of the best business strategies and tools from my colleagues both in the UK and across the world.

I also have over 20 years of solid commercial experience with some of the world’s biggest brands, namely Coca Cola and Cadbury, latterly managing a portfolio of around £40m P&L. In addition, I have ran a city centre family fast food business as well as now owning my own business. I am growing my business too, so will be able to relate to many of the challenges you face.

Coaching works if you commit to it, are honest with yourself, and are prepared to do what it takes. If I am not right for you, then one of my colleagues undoubtedly will be, and I would be happy to recommend the right one.

As a Coach do you have a Coach?


Most people are surprised when I say yes! I wouldn’t be very congruent if I didn’t have a coach. Just like you I benefit from the Focus and Accountability I get from my coach, as well as the new ideas, challenge, support, structure that comes with it.

I look forward to my coaching sessions as I know they keep me on track with what’s important to grow my business, I also know when I haven’t done what I set out to do, that its an opportunity for me to reflect and refocus.

About You

Why do I need a coach?


Coaching is for business not just for sports! You wouldn’t expect your favourite team or athlete to turn up to compete without having a coach and working on a training and improvement plan would you? Business is no different.

Having an external view on your business is key – and many clients tell us that having the focus and accountability helps keep them driven and on track!

If you feel that your business could be achieving more, or perhaps your team are not as driven as you would like them to be, maybe you are the business….and its solely reliant on you…these are all good indicators that coaching could help.

Can I speak to existing clients?


Of course! You can come along to a taster event and meet them, or arrange to have a chat, no problem! Just get in touch and we can arrange it.

I don’t think I have time for a coach…


…if you are telling yourself that then you really do need one! How did Richard Branson find a way to have over 400 companies? You need to learn how to manage your time, not they other way round, thankfully there are lots of ways we can do this.

Your business will only grow as much as you do. How are you investing in yourself?

Am I the right type of person to be considered for coaching?


If you have an attitude of wanting to succeed and get better, for you, for your family and for your business….and are prepared to put a bit of effort in to get there, then yes. Not everyone is right for coaching, you must have a great attitude and will to succeed.

What exactly does a coach do?


I’m not there to ‘know it all’. Its my job to know what I know, know what I don’t know and surround myself with people who do know (fortunately we have over 200 coaches in the ActionCOACH UK community -from all backgrounds – so we can cover all bases quickly if there is something in particular we need help with!)

My job is to support, advise, encourage, discuss…sometimes I’ll need to support you, sometimes challenge you. If you look at successful business people, sports people and those in the public eye…they all have coaches…. business coaching is something which is much more commonplace…in fact many of our clients would consider it an essential.

When can we start?


Once we align diaries…the sooner the better. Let’s not kick the can down the road. If you want to talk yourself out of it – you will. You won’t have time, money, you won’t know if it will work etc…. once you have finished making a list of excuses then lets put it to one side and get started!

My coaching days are Tues, Wed and Thur, typically we will be together for 1-1.5hours every 2 weeks. Get in touch to see when would suit you best.

Prices & Guarantees

How much does it cost?


Often you get some ‘blurb’ when asking about price, however I want to be as clear and transparent as possible(as that’s how our coaching relationship will go).

First of all, let’s not talk about cost, lets talk about INVESTMENT. Investment in YOU as a business owner (when did you last invest in you?), Investment in your BUSINESS as it should be the vehicle that gives you more in life. You don’t want to be the richest guy in the graveyard, or the one who looks back and thinks you’d had more time to spend with your spouse, kids, friends or family. Life is for living and your business should give you the life YOU want. Investing in your future for yourself and your family seems pretty sensible to me!

I also believe you will not achieve your full potential without a coach, or certainly not as quickly anyway. You might have built a successful business, great, but what is next? Our definition of a successful business is a commercial, profitable enterprise which works without you…how close are you to that? Coaching adds VALUE to your business.

Your investment will depend on the size of your business, and how hard and fast you want to go.

For smaller businesses, our Group Coaching Programme will be most appropriate. This has a key focus on education, we cover different topics monthly…such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Team Development, Business Planning, Business Strategy etc. There are a couple of programmes to choose from and they range between £395 and £595 per month. All programmes are subject to VAT.

If you want a more bespoke understanding of your business, more accountability, and a deeper involvement with the key people in your business, you’ll want one of our One to One Coaching Programmes. These are focussed sessions either weekly or bi-weekly depending on what package you choose. This will range between £1500 and £5000 per month . We will do some work beforehand to assess you are a good fit for me to coach, as before I take on any client I want to make sure I can get a ROI quickly..and importantly that we ‘click’ I want to work with people who are serious about their business…and are prepared to have some fun along the way. It shouldn’t be serious all the time!



All One-to One Programmes come with a 12 month Guarantee.

Find out more about the ActionCoach Guarantee.

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