Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and Management Training and the benefits to your business

We hear a lot about Leadership and what a vital role it plays in business, and this is true. We don’t hear as much about the importance of Management and the role it plays, which is a vital one! Ongoing team training is a very important aspect and Leadership and Management, and one which is often overlooked.

We are offering a Leadership and Management Training workshop where we will explore:

The role both Leadership and Management play in business
The 4 key things you need to do to be a great Manager
The 4 key things you need to do to be a great Leader

Only one in ten of employees are classed as ‘highly engaged’, that is someone who really understands the Vision of the business and what it is trying to achieve, and who actively works towards that. Your business may be below – or above average, either way ,imagine the positive impact we would have if we could improve this number through great Leadership and Management?

Leadership and Management play a vital role in ensuring the business runs like a well oiled machine, and also ensuring the team have every opportunity to optimise both their performance and in turn that of the business. Too often, Managers and Leaders are put into role without any support and training. Or perhaps they have had some training, but not for some time…or the dynamic of the team has changed.

Our Leadership and Management Training will help to give the team the skills they need, outline any gaps and how to fill those gaps. The are many benefits to the business, from reducing staff turnover, improving engagement to getting real clarity on how to lead and manage – therefore driving more profitable business. Our Leadership and Management Training will take your team to the next level.

This Leadership and Management workshop can be run in-house for larger companies, get in touch directly to find out more.

This can be delivered in house or remotely, whatever works best for you and the team.

Here is what a recent attendee had to say :

I have worked with Yvonne on a 121 basis and in a group setting as part of a Leadership and Management programme. Group training was fantastic. Yvonne delivered complex leadership and management training to a large audience in an easy to understand way that catered for multiple styles of learners. She challenged us as a group to work together and develop, over a series of sessions, which has created a significantly more cohesive team. We’re a stronger business because we interact with one another in a much more effective way. The 121 training I did with Yvonne was enormously beneficial. She created an environment that helped me find solutions to a range challenges. She has taught me techniques and skills that will last with me forever and that I apply on a daily basis. This benefits me personally and those who I work with. I can’t recommend Yvonne enough as a coach. She managed to build a great level of trust with me and clearly wanted to do everything possible to help me and the business I work for. Yvonne’s knowledge and experience is simply astounding.


Starting from £1750 + VAT – £20,000 +VAT depending on team size, length of programme. We will always provide at least 2 options on budget and be transparent on the difference. 

Bespoke Programmes which include supported coaching in between sessions are also available. Get in touch to discuss what would be right for you.

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