Team Training

Team Training – For Your Teams Within the Business

Team Development is essential is business – as people are our business, Just by recruiting the best people in your industry doesn’t mean that they will work well as a team – you need to have a training plan and approach – to support them and help them by the very best they can be. You wouldn’t expect your favourite sporting team to play a game without having been coached and trained would you? Its the same for business. If you want to be the best in your sector, you have to coach the team.

Some of our 121 coaching programmes also build in some Team Training Days as part of the package – so be sure to check these out.

Often the business owners or leaders coaching experience and progress can be enhanced by the Team being trained alongside the leaders 121 coaching. This means than instead of the leader always having to teach new processes or procedures, the team are being trained and can be up to speed quickly in embedding new knowledge.

If you want to embark on team training outwith a 121 coaching package then get in touch and we can understand your specific requirements.

Topics can include:

Sales Training
Time Management
Objection Handling
121 and Appraisal Process
90 Day Planning
Goal setting
Creating and embedding Company Values
Creating a High Performing Team
DISC profiling

These are not finite, so get in touch to get clear on your team training requirements today. I would much rather we have a conversation aout what you want to achieve than force fit a one size for all approach. Usually us having a call initially to better understand your set of circumstances is helping in determining what might be right for you adn the team.

Typically for businesses who have teams of 5 + members


Investment will depend on the size of your team and the training you want to conduct, we would discuss your requirements and come back with a couple of options.

Investment would usually range from £1500 – 15,000K +VAT, the lower end being a one day session for around 8-10 people, the higher end a more tailored programme, or one which reaches more people. It really depends on what you would like to achieve and how fast!


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Other Programmes That Can Help You

Perhaps you have a specific business issue to resolve around time, team or money.Or you may want to get a detailed plan together for next year. You might want help with producing a marketing plan, or revamping your team appraisal system. A block of hours might be for you if you just need some time to focus on something specific.

Take your team to the next level with our Team Training Courses and Team Training and Development Programme

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