DISC Assessments – Take Your Team to the Next Level

DISC Assessments – Take Your Team to the Next Level

The most effective Team Training is an ongoing process, not just a one off event.

Learn How You and Your Team can Communicate, Motivate, Influence, Sell and Lead better.

DISC is one of the most popular behavioural assessments. DISC Assessments are a simple solution which once understood and used properly will deliver excellent results. Learn your style and how to identify the behavioural style of others, allowing you to adapt your communication.

There are many benefits of being able to do this, including increasing sales, improve team working, targeting new hires etc.

By using DISC you will have more productive relationships, and your team will understand each other better, leading to improved performance and relationships. There is no ‘best’ style, its all about understanding yourself and others in order that you interact in a more effective way.

DISC is a benefit in a number of ways, including:

Enhancing your recruitment process
Increasing sales
Team Building
Increasing Team Productivity

Take your Team to the next level by undertaking a DISC training day and assessment.

There are a number of Team Training and Development Programmes available, such as Sales Training, Time Management, get in touch to find out more.


£1750 Full Day Training
plus £65 +VAT per DISC report


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Other Programmes That Can Help You

Perhaps you have a specific business issue to resolve around time, team or money.Or you may want to get a detailed plan together for next year. You might want help with producing a marketing plan, or revamping your team appraisal system. A block of hours might be for you if you just need some time to focus on something specific.

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