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Why choose Group Coaching and what are the benefits for you?

Group Coaching is for Business Owners who may be running a smaller business. You may be on your own or have a small team or you may be scaling up. This is a great environment to put yourself in, with other business owners who are serious about making their business a success. Usually, your turnover will be up to c£500K, but that’s just a guide.

We have two Group Coaching Programmes available:

ActionCLUB is more of an educational based program where you will learn the basics of running a business.
This is likely to be a slightly larger group.

MentorCLUB is for established businesses who are happy to be coached in a small group of up to 4 non competing businesses.

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MentorCLUB – What should I expect?

MentorCLUB is perfect is you are established in business, have a firm grasp on the basics, but want to be stretched further. It may be that our one-to-one coaching programmes are not quite for you at the moment, but you realise the value of focus, accountability and discipline which coaching brings.

During each group coaching session, you will learn from your coach as well as the other business owners who are currently implementing or have implemented similar strategies in their businesses. They become your sounding board.

Together with your coach, you’ll work on business issues confronting you and your peers. This program educates on ActionCOACH’s best business practices taught to business owners worldwide and teaches you how to grow your revenues, profits and create a more engaged team.

The Group meets every other week for one hour plus each quarter you’ll attend our GrowthCLUB full day Planning Workshop. This workshop allows you to step away from your business for the day to think strategically and leave with a written 90-Day Tactical Action Plan.

What you’ll gain by being part of this proven coaching programme…

  • A 90-day Tactical Action Plan
  • Increased accountability with your accountability partners
  • Business owners with similar challenges to brainstorm with
  • Increase profitability through learn the ActionCOACH 5 Drivers of Profits
  • A systematic system to grow your business so it can work without you

MentorCLUB includes:

  • Fortnightly attendance at MentorCLUB for 1-1.5 hours
  • Quarterly attendance at GrowthCLUB
  • One-on-one support from your coach
  • Business Tool and Planning
  • DISC assessment
  • Access to ActionCLUB – our monthly education programme


  • £550+VAT per month

ActionCLUB – What should I expect?

ActionCLUB is for smaller or newer businesses. We will focus on getting to grips with the business and laying strong foundations for future growth.

We will cover things like :

  • Mastery – the 4 fundamental building blocks in business – Destination – Time – Finance – Delivery
  • Niche – getting a robust Marketing plan and using our 5 ways system to project your numbers.
  • Leverage – using systemisation to optimise your business.
  • Team – how to attract, maintain and motivate your people. You need to learn before you earn! Education is key…in business so surrounding yourself will other people motivated to do more, while being coached in a learning environment is
    particularly helpful. Your input will be encouraged – we take a coaching approach, so your participation in the process will mean you get most out of it.

The benefits of Group Coaching is not only the education you will get in the group coaching sessions, but the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded ambitious business owners.

ActionCLUB Includes:

  • Fortnightly attendance at ActionCLUB for 1 hour each session(20 in the year)
  • Quarterly attendance at GrowthCLUB at the discounted rate of £55 ppn
  • One-on One support from your coach
  • Business Tools and Template


  • £395+VAT per month

Lets get some excuses out of the way….

We’re doing ok….
Great! Imagine how much better you could be doing if you gave it more focus and direction?

I’m too busy….
Yes and you will continue to be unless you change direction. Surely you didn’t start your business just to be permanently busy? Other people manage
successful businesses working the hours they choose….why can’t you?

I don’t need a coach…
Coaching is for business as well as sport..can you imagine your favourite team or athlete
achieving greatness without the help of a coach?

I can’t afford it…
Investing in your business and yourself is one of the best things you can do. You will see a return on investment.

I’ll do it but I’ve got a big project/office move/whatever to do first…
This is called procrastination. Stop kicking the can down the street and get started!

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Other Programmes That Can Help You

Perhaps you have a specific business issue to resolve around time, team or money.Or you may want to get a detailed plan together for next year. You might want help with producing a marketing plan, or revamping your team appraisal system. A block of hours might be for you if you just need some time to focus on something specific.

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