The Gallup 12 identifies 12 needs, gathered from one of the public opinion polls Gallup is renown for, that managers can fulfil to enhance employee productivity and engagement at work. It recognises that employee engagement is a crucial aspect of building a successful and thriving team. We will be exploring these 12 needs and discuss strategies to attract, motivate, and retain your team members.

1. Clarify Expectations

The first step in fostering engagement is ensuring that team members understand what is expected of them at work. Lack of clarity can lead to confusion and disengagement. Regularly check in with your team to ensure their expectations align with yours. Gallup found that employees who strongly agree that their job description aligns with their work are 2.5 times more likely to be engaged.

2. Provide Adequate Resources

To empower your team, ensure they have the necessary materials and equipment to perform their work effectively. This includes both physical resources and removing any barriers between the employee and employer. Addressing these needs can enhance engagement and productivity.

3. Enable Employees to Utilise Their Strengths

Give your team members the opportunity to apply their natural talents in the workplace. Gallup’s statistics reveal that only one in three employees strongly agree that they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day. By focusing on individual strengths, you can unlock their full potential and increase engagement.

4. Recognise and Praise

Regular recognition and praise for a job well done can significantly impact employee satisfaction and motivation. Gallup highlights that, globally, only one in four people have received recognition or praise in the last week. Look out for positive behaviours and acknowledge them genuinely to make employees feel valued.

5. Demonstrate Care for Individuals

Employees bring their whole selves to work, not just their job description. Show genuine concern for your team members as individuals. Getting to know them and creating a safe and inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging and encourages contribution.

6. Foster Development Opportunities

Act as a champion for your team’s development. Encourage and coach them to reach new heights. Gallup suggests that managers who support their employees’ growth are more likely to retain a highly engaged and productive team.

7. Value Employee Opinions

Move away from a command and control approach and seek out and act upon the opinions of your team. Embracing diverse thoughts and opinions strengthens both the company and the individuals within it. Make employees feel heard and valued by actively listening and considering their perspectives.

8. Connect Job to Company Purpose

Help team members understand how their daily tasks contribute to the company’s overall mission and vision. Managers and leaders play a vital role in bringing the mission to life and ensuring that employees feel their job is meaningful and important.

9. Cultivate a Culture of Quality

Encourage a commitment to quality work among your team members. Gallup’s research shows that the worst performer on the team sets the standards. So, encourage an environment where every team member takes pride in their work and understands how it contributes to the collective goals.

10. Encourage Friendships at Work

Building friendships within the workplace may seem unconventional, but it has a positive impact on team performance. Gallup’s research reveals that top-performing teams exhibit a social element, resulting in improved engagement scores, fewer accidents, and higher profits. Encourage positive relationships among team members to create a supportive and collaborative work environment.

11. Regularly Discuss Progress

Maintain open lines of communication with your team members through regular one-on-one discussions. These conversations provide opportunities to evaluate progress, provide feedback, and identify next steps. You should avoid neglecting these discussions, as they are crucial for individual growth and engagement.

12. Provide Learning and Growth Opportunities

Recognise and fulfil employees’ innate desire to learn and grow. Challenge your team members by encouraging them to explore new ideas, find innovative solutions, and continuously improve. By fostering a culture of growth, employees will feel invigorated and invested in their personal and professional development.

Building a highly engaged and motivated team requires attention to the 12 needs outlined by Gallup. By clarifying expectations, providing necessary resources, leveraging individual strengths, recognising achievements, fostering a caring environment, encouraging growth, valuing opinions, connecting the job to company purpose, cultivating a culture of quality, promoting friendships, discussing progress, and offering learning opportunities, you can attract, motivate, and retain a team that thrives and contributes to the success of your organisation. Take this opportunity to reflect on your team’s current state and identify actionable steps to enhance their engagement and satisfaction.