Who is Yvonne Webb – Business Coach?

The connection between coach and client is crucial, so let’s dive into my background—from my early days at Coca-Cola and Cadbury to my transition into coaching. It’s a journey filled with passion, family priorities, and a deep commitment to improving businesses through people. Join me as I peel back the layers and reveal why I might be the right match for your business goals.


My Professional Journey


Learning from the Best at Coca-Cola

My professional adventure started at Coca-Cola, where I spent an incredible 14 years in sales and account management. It was an invaluable experience that allowed me to learn from some of the industry’s best minds—those years laid the groundwork for my understanding of business dynamics and strategies.

Cadbury: National Accounts and E-commerce Leadership

Building on my success at Coca-Cola, I ventured into roles at Cadbury, focusing on national accounts and spearheading e-commerce initiatives for major grocers. Managing multi-million-pound accounts and leading diverse teams became second nature, showcasing my ability to drive growth and navigate complex business landscapes.

Prioritising Family: A Shift in Perspective

As my career thrived, I faced the challenge of balancing a demanding job with family priorities. Commuting between London and Glasgow while raising a young family prompted me to reassess my priorities. This pivotal moment led me to make a bold decision – a shift from corporate roles to investing in an Action Coach licence.

Discovering the Power of Action Coach

My transition to coaching was fuelled by my amazement at the quality of Action Coach methodologies. Recognizing the potential to profoundly impact businesses and individuals, I embarked on a journey that aligned my passion for people with the transformative power of coaching.


Why Coaching?

A Leader at Heart

My leadership experience, managing diverse teams and steering multi-million-pound accounts, revealed a fundamental belief – improving people is the key to enhancing business performance. My genuine love for empowering individuals to optimise their potential became the driving force behind my transition to coaching.

Helping You Get Where You Want to Be

From one-on-one coaching to team training and strategy days, I offer a comprehensive range of services to propel your business toward success. My unique blend of corporate wisdom, coaching expertise, and a genuine passion for people make me the ideal partner in your business journey.


Am I the Right Match for You?

My journey from corporate success to coaching excellence is a testament to my commitment to fostering positive change in businesses. If you’re seeking a coach who understands the intricacies of large corporations, values family, and is dedicated to improving both individuals and businesses, I might just be the right match for you. Reach out to me today, and let’s unlock the potential for transformative growth in your business.